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Seasonal consignment shopping is a fast growing trend, especially for baby and children's items. Kids grow so fast and items like clothes, strollers, newborn essentials and toys many times seem barely used. Seasonal consignment sales offer a unique venue for both sellers and shoppers.  Most sales offer a wide variety of items including clothing, baby gear, toys, children's furniture, and much more. Many also offer maternity and postpartum items. Great deals can be found on name brand merchandise such as Baby Gap, Ralph Lauren, Gymboree, Abercrombie, Peg Pergo, Pottery Barn, Britax, and more.



Full Circle Consignments was started with a conversation between 2 lifelong friends chatting about how to save money, help the community, pay it forward and what to do with all our kids' clothes and "stuff". We have sold and shopped at consignment sales in the past and we found ourselves always comparing things we liked and did not like about each sale. Once we really started looking into things and the more we talked the more obvious it became…why not take all the things we think are great about these sales, put them together and start our own consignment sale! This is what we have done and we hope it  will be a fantastic sale for years to come. We both have been so blessed in our lives that it was important to us to be able to give back to the community so we have chosen a charity called FosterCares to donate any clothes that are left for us at the end of the sale and we will be donating 10% of our net profits to the St. Andrews School. For more information on both please click HERE.



VIP and Executive Services

No Time to Prepare Your Items?


Let Us Do The Work.  

 Clean out the attic/basement/extra closet and get paid. With the VIP and Executive Services, we do the work for you.  Just bring your items to us.  You will receive 35% or 55% of your total sales depending on which service you elect. Space is limited and the slots fill up quickly. Please click for more information on the VIP Service or the Executive Service.